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Where can I find all B2B direct sales leads in Greece? Can I find all existing and new businesses in a selected industry? Will my sales force be able to use this information in their tablets? Who are the owners and managers of the company? Do they participate in other businesses or offshores? Has the company undertaken public contracts and subsidies? Does it have a debt to the state?

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Linked Business - Discover Your Market

The only data-driven service available that provides leads for the entire B2B universe in Greece as well as decision-making tools that uncover business opportunities!

Open Data to Big Data

We currently operate in Greece. We are the largest and most complete B2B data source for entrepreneurs, with more than 3 million indexed business identities (companies and individuals) in Greece since 1985. We provide market intelligence, B2B sales leads and points of sale, of major value for professionals and large businesses that aim for immediate results.

We transform available open data to usable rich information!



We provide immediate, complete, transparent and targeted information on private companies and the people who run them, easily usable by anyone.

  • first to market: Market intelligence solutions based on daily-updated and location-based company profile data.
  • complete & detailed: All companies incorporated in Greece, are analyzed & connected to relevant information.
  • 1-click to source: We are the first platform to directly refer to the original open data source by 1-click.
  • targeted: Private company lists filtered by Activity, Company Type and Geographical Area of any scale (e.g. prefecture, municipality, postal code, street level etc.).
  • ease of use: Search companies by name, activity and location, and integrate into any BI. Open data are also available for the community.

Sources and Methodology


Linked Business platform is mainly based on the analysis of the open government data from the Chambers of Commerce in Greece, Diavgeia, the Central Public Procurement Register, the National Electronic Public Procurement System, the TED European Public Procurement Database (Tenders Electronic Daily), NSRF (National Strategic Reference Framework) 2007-2013 and 2014-2020 and the Independent Public Revenue Authority.

The analysis process involves the following steps:

  • Step 1: data harvesting
  • Step 2: data cleansing & validaion
  • Step 3: data analysis, integration & transformation
  • Step 4: data presentation (discover markets and potential customers, assess risks etc.)


Using our platform, you will be able to create laser-targeted lists with quality data on your clients, your partnerships and your competitors.

B2B Sales Leads

Evaluate the corporate profiles, filter your data and create lists exclusively with companies that you are interested in..

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Linked Business is a platform with all the necessary tools for you to unlock your market!

Are you seeking for B2B leads in a specific street? Maybe in a building block? Are you looking for businesses across the whole country? Are you interested in a specific activity or maybe an entire industry? You will find your answers inside Linked Business!


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Linked Business is part of the National Bank of Greece's program NBG Business Seeds