1st Winner? "The most complete data source for entrepreneurship in Greece"
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1st Winner? "The most complete data source for entrepreneurship in Greece"

Linked Business Platform is now the winner of the 9th #NBGBusinessSeeds Innovation & Technology Competition, ranked 1st among 331 initial competitors.

Winning such a prize in a contest against so many competitors is a great honor. Especially when you acquire the title of:

The most complete source for entrepreneurship in Greece

by the National Bank of Greece!

For those still wondering about the "what" part, Linked Business has managed to create a live super-registry of the Greek enterprise universe, based on open public data, in which business entities (both companies and individuals) are positioned and interconnected inside their ideal market. This super-registry provides the complete set of analytics and decision-making tools for all market sectors in Greece, as well as all the data (sales leads & points of sale) for the design and execution of the most effective sales strategies.

Entrepreneurship based on big data!

As Michalis Vafopoulos stressed:

"We are proud to have succeeded in making use of a decade’s efforts behind the lab to provide effective market analysis services in B2B sales lead generation as well as in KYC, due diligence and internal auditing.

Open data, particularly those relating to the economy and businesses, are part of the "oxygen" of democracy and innovation. We all need to know, without any barriers, basic information about a business such as ownership, management and location and, how public money is used. Based on these publicly available data, we are constantly building tools to improve business performance."

Michalis Vafopoulos, founder and CEO of the Linked Business

The Top 10

9th NBG Business Seeds - The Winners

9th NBG Business Seeds - The Winners

Michalis Vafopoulos, founder and CEO of Linked Business

Michalis Vafopoulos, founder and CEO of Linked Business

The 2nd place of the contest went to Shopmind, a retail analytics software that generates data for the design and implementation of marketing actions.

Ferryhopper was the winner of the 3rd place, with a smart online cruise ticket platform that allows for bookings on combined ferry routes to interconnect islands in Greece, Italy and Turkey, with no direct itineraries.

4th place went to PlantBox, the world's first full functional and packaged olive tree, in bonsai shape, sold all over Greece and in 20 countries overseas.

6 more companies made it to the Top 10. Biomimetic, Coffee-eco, Dogs' Voice, Followgreen, PlexEarth and the Photovoltaic Thermal Energy Manager.

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