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Points of Sale

NEW: Would you like to be able to effectively plan and visit every point of sale in your desired market with your sales force? Check our "POS on the go!" tool now.

Get the physical address of every potential sales prospect in your desired market and the geographical distribution of the points of sale inside our interactive map. Optimize the map using advanced filtering with activity, company type and any scaling option (prefecture, municipality, postal code, street etc.).

Effective Communication with Potential B2B Customers

Discover, in just 2 clicks, all the key enterprises within your desired market sector. Use our innovative user interface to navigate inside the complete corporate profile (administration, ownership, public contracts etc.) for every company in Greece. Export your lists in CSV, Excel and PDF format for any further use.

Data-driven Business Opportunities

NEW: Would you like to monitor the basic demography and geography of the most important market sectors in Greece? Yes, it's for FREE. We publish our open data in our Market Pulse (Open Dashboard).

Linked Business is the go-to solution for sales & marketing teams that aim at high-converting campaigns, based on leads of great quality. The platform offers the ability to assess the market and gain valuable insights that open new sales channels derived from the most credible sources.

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Systems Integration

Integrate smart data from our platform into your systems. You will never have to abandon your tested and working corporate workflows. You'll just get the chance to enrich your data with the most complete and credible updates available.

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Linked Business is a platform with all the necessary tools for you to unlock your market!

Are you seeking for B2B leads in a specific street? Maybe in a building block? Are you looking for businesses across the whole country? Are you interested in a specific activity or maybe an entire industry? You will find your answers inside Linked Business!


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