Every point of sale inside your salesman's mobile device!

How would you like to have the entire points-of-sale universe for any given market in Greece, at the tip of your thumb inside your mobile device? And the company profile in just a tap's distance?

#1 Tool for the Salesmen

Points of Sale Tool

  • Would you like to get every point of sale of the active companies' universe inside a specific postal code?
  • Would you like to get each and every enterprise birth for a given market sector during the last month;
  • How nice would it be if you could always acquire the 1st mover advantage?
  • Would you like to be able to show and hide the desired points of sale on the map, filtering by activity and company type?
  • Would it be handy for your salesman to retrieve the full company profile inside his tablet, just before his sales pitch visit?
  • Would you like to get the potential client's physical address inside Google Maps in order to be able to use the app's navigation instructions?

Well, this is your tool!

(Feel free to test the demo below with every active company inside postal code 15123 (Chalandri, Athens. Do you need to check the fully operational version? Contact us now!)

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Linked Business is a platform with all the necessary tools for you to unlock your market!

Are you seeking for B2B leads in a specific street? Maybe in a building block? Are you looking for businesses across the whole country? Are you interested in a specific activity or maybe an entire industry? You will find your answers inside Linked Business!


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Linked Business is part of the National Bank of Greece's program NBG Business Seeds